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We are a professional aerial photography company based in East Hertfordshire with over 30 years of aviation experience. There are many possible applications of UAV technology from real estate to structural surveys and extreme sports.

Our radio-controlled DJI S900 multirotor drones can access areas that traditional photography have been unable to reach. We specialise in 4k/HD video footage and still photography for a multitude of ventures and can work safely anywhere from ground level to 120 metres.

We have the required permission for aerial work from The Civil Aviation Authority and our pilots are BNUC-S qualified. A pre-flight survey and risk assessment will be carried out, prior to carrying out any project. We are covered by £5M third party liability insurance.

Our Drones

  • DJI 900– We constantly update our UAV drones and currently operate two Dji Drones. Weighing less than 7kg, these drones are ideal for use in difficult to reach and congested areas. They can carry High Definition cameras for up to 15 mins and be remotely operated by a dedicated camera operator. The UAV has a three axis gimbal to keep all shots stabilised for best results.
  • Video Uplink – We use the latest High Definition low latency downlink technology, which comprises of an air system and a ground system. It comprises of a high definition video transmitter, flight controller with On Screen Display(OSD)and supports remote controls using the 2.4GHzfrequency band.
    The air system pulls video from the camera and On board system display (OSD) information from the flight controller then modulates it and transmits to the ground system.
    The ground system is small, power efficient and highly sensitive. It receives the Video downlink and OSD information, demodulates it and sends it to a HD monitor or mobile device to for the easiest filmmaking.
Aerial Photography Essex
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Aerial Photography

Aerial House Photos

It is often difficult to appreciate the full extent or character of a property from ground level, and the cost of aerial photography from conventional aircraft is prohibitive for all but the most high value properties. This situation has now changed; low cost photography from our small-unmanned aircraft makes aerial images and videos affordable for a much wider range of properties. Anything from a quick ‘pop-up’ to take a few photos to a fully edited ‘fly-around’ promotional video for the website is achievable using Drone-Eye technology, giving both estate agents and their clients a new range of options.

Golf Course Photos

The hexacopters flown by Drones-Eye are ideal for carrying out aerial photography and video of golf courses and other sporting venues. Our radio-controlled SUA are incredibly versatile, allowing fantastic shots to be obtained. This could include still photographs of your greens, clubhouse or driving range. We could take video fly-throughs of your course perhaps detailing the best route to take hole-by-hole.

Why not have our hexacopter flying through as you drive off of the tee or as you sink that a long putt? We can go again very easily if you don’t get it right. Getting your members involved will make the photographs and videos more interesting and personal.

Due the topography of a golf course, there is very little that will prevent us flying creatively to produce stunning images for your website or promotional literature.

drone photography services

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Aerial Filming

The Drones-Eye team understands the needs of film-makers, and the demands and constraints under which they work. Our role is to provide the expertise and create ultra-smooth, cinematic footage at up to 4k resolution, our cameras are gyro-stabilised and have full 360° 3-axis capabilities. Using a video downlink, images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the Pilot, Cameraman, Client or Director full control of the filming angles and framing. The use of small airborne cameras opens up shots that have literally not been possible before. Not only that, but now a director can see instantly from the ground what is being filmed, thanks to our live video downlink.

Our aircraft is quiet and unobtrusive, yet it can shoot stabilised footage from any angle or height, up to 150m. It is equally at home 1m above the ground, where it becomes a kind of magic dolly, able to pan and slide, and can travel over any kind of terrain (or even water), without needing a track. Rapid set-up of eye-catching shots, free of the constraints of jibs, tracks, dollies and gantries, is now possible.

If you are planning an event and want some unique aerial shots that will be unlike any other, you can ask the experts at Drones-Eye to capture that special moment. Using drone filming & photography means you get a unique view of an event and we have the experience and imagination to use these machines in many different ways. Use a promotional film to attract customers to your business! It’s not as expensive as you think .

aerial photography
drone photography services

Aerial Survey

The building inspection and surveying industry are starting to appreciate the benefits of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) as tool for surveying buildings, especially roofs and other inaccessible locations Drones-Eye unmanned multi-rotor helicopter provides an alternative to conventional access methods for high or awkward locations, such as towers, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms.

Architectural visualisation creates synthesized views of new buildings and their surroundings from computer models, prior to construction, using CG computer graphics. Developers, architects, construction and promotional companies, as well as local authorities have all found the benefits of being able to present exactly what a new building will look like, as well as the views from balconies, roofs, towers etc.

The very best of these merge real life views (photographs) with the CG model. This needs careful coordination between the graphic designer and the photographer. We specialize in taking these aerial shots using our drone, ensuring that our photography matches exactly with the CAD model. We take account of location, altitude, field of view, etc. We can also take panoramas, and build ultra wide view images.

To fly around a building is faster than moving towers or platforms and means that multiple locations can be quickly accessed, allowing rapid diagnosis of a problem, with live video available on a ground-based monitor throughout.

Our drone is licensed to fly in built-up areas, so we can operate in most parts of London and other cities. Used regularly Drones-Eye aircraft can provide monitoring of construction progress and can be used to provide evidence of structural damage for insurance claims or valuations. .

drone photography services
Work Mode Certified Pilot

Work Mode Certified

Workmode is a platform that enables us to transform our drone into a mapping machine. They then take care of all the processing, sharing, and add-on tools, after we have flown and uploaded the images.

They have certified us, as an independent drone company to fly over job sites and capture imagery for customers. We then upload the images to the cloud based servers and the raw photo files are automatically processed into interactive, high-definition site maps that our clients can view on the Skycatch Dashboard.

With the Dashboard, clients make annotations and share their markups with others as an invaluable form of ground truth communication. Also provided are analytic tools to create 3-dimensional models of the jobsite for customers with certain technical needs.

We can perform the following:
• Create high-resolution 2D orthophotos and site maps, at multiple zoom levels.
• Create a 3D (point cloud or textured surface) map that can be navigated online.
• Take 2D (distance, length, and area) and 3D (volume) measurements.

Our Team

  • Barry
    Barry Drone Pilot

    Barry is our drone pilot and has over 30 years aviation experience. He is approved by the CAA to operate UAV’s for commerical purposes.

  • Sam
    Sam Camera Operator

    Sam is our main camera operator and has the ability to capture great images. He is also the liaison for media relations.

  • Andy
    Andy Camera Operator

    Andy has over ten years experience as a Photographer and Videographer. He also has 10 year experience in commerical aviation.

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“Absolutely Fantastic !!!! Excellent customer service !!! Very professional !!! 10/10 would recommend!!!”

James Andrew

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